Car Paint Scratch in Surrey

Paint Scratch – Using our water based colour matching system we can ensure any car paint scratch in Surrey can be repaired. The scratch is sanded down using a feathering technique. This area is then primed and flatted back to ensure the shape of the panel are matched to complete accuracy. We are fully aware that preparation is essential to ensuring the job is completed to the highest quality, the majority of the time taken during the scratch repair process is spent on preparation. Once the area has been keyed in and cleaned we begin the masking up process. This is to ensure overspray does not land on the adjacent panels. Once masking is completed we then clean again and begin the painting process. Most colours need a basecoat which is the colour, followed by a clear coat lacquer for the top coat. The paint is then dried using infrared lamps, and once fully cured polished to achieve maximum shine.

If your car has been damaged and you have been a local body shop to get a quote, the chances are you were quite shocked at the cost. We will provide a free estimate and guarantee to be 50-90% cheaper. Our mobile repair service comes to your home or place of work and most repairs can take between 2-4 hours to complete. Established in 2005, we pride ourselves in being reliable, friendly, efficient, and make sure we deliver quality mobile paint repairs.