Car Bumper Repair in Twickenham

Bumper Scuff

Sometimes the plastic on a bumper is gouged and torn. We use a plastic filler to fill in the damaged area, this is then flatted to make sure the contours of the bumper remain the same.  We then key in the surrounding area so the new paint adheres to the old one. Then we mask up the adjacent panels to ensure no overspray goes on them. Preparation is paramount to ensuring each car bumper repair in Twickenham is completed to the highest standard. The prepped area is then sprayed using a smart repair spray gun. This usually requires a basecoat (the colour) followed by the lacquer clear coat. The fresh paint is then baked using infrared lamps ensuring the paint is fully cured. Before finishing the paint is then polished to make sure the bumper scuff looks good as new.

Paint and Colours

We use a fully compliant water based paint system that can match any colour on any car. All colours are mixed on site using a leading German paint manufacture. We use professional paint refinishing products and keep up to date with new techniques used within the industry. We aim to keep the repair as small as necessary, this cuts down on the amount of product used allowing the cost saving to be passed on to our customers. Every care is taken to produce the original factory finish.