Established in 2005, we pride ourselves in being friendly, reliable, efficient and deliver quality mobile paint repairs. We are based in North Surrey and our mobile car repair service covers Ascot Ashford Chertsey Cobham Egham Feltham Hampton Hayes Heathrow Richmond Shepperton Sunbury Staines Twickenham Uxbridge Walton on thames Weybridge Windsor .

Auto Revive car body repairs is a professional mobile service that comes to your home or place of work to provide convenient and economical paint repairs to all makes of cars. We specialise in light accident damage including scratched panels, bumper scuffs, dents, wing mirror damage and curbed alloy wheels. We also use a paintless dent removal system which enables us to remove dents without having to paint the car.

Why choose Auto Revive?

Eradicate high bodyshop costs and the inconvenience of not having a car for a week while it’s at the back of the queue at the bodyshop. Auto revive mobile car body repairs will save you anywhere between 50%-90% on bodyshop costs for a light scratch, bumper scuff or dent. Our paint technicians have a fully equipped mobile workshop and use the latest water based paint colour system to match the paint on your car. The smart repair process typically takes anywhere between 2-4 hours. Contact us for a free quotation.

The SMART Repair Process

Scratch Repair

Vandal Scratch on the Rear Quarter and Bumper on a Range Rover Evoque. This repair took approximately 3 ½ hours to complete.

The scratch is about 10 inches long and goes from the rear quarter to the rear bumper

By sanding the paint down and feathering each layer out we can see that the scratch has penetrated all the way down to bare metal.

The feathered area is then re-primed using an etch primer. This allows the layers to be built up again before being sanded back down to achieve the correct level before painting.

After re painting the paint is polished to achieve as close to a factory finish as possible.

Bumper Scuff

Took approximately 2 ½ hours

  • Nasty Scuff has really chipped and gouged the plastic on the front bumper
  • The damage  is filled using a plastic filler, primed and then flatted back to achieve the original shape of the bumper.
  • The end product leaves the bumper looking as good as new

The same process took place to complete the work on this BMW 3 Series